Photo of Sophia Habl - Sustainability WriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Sustainability Writer

Hi! I’m Sophia.

I'm here to share your sustainable magic with the world

Your company is changing the world.

And your content has to champion it! But between juggling tasks and delivering results, (high-quality) content creation got cast aside.

  • You don’t want to lose sleep over content production. You want to go back to leading your team, of course. You need someone reliable and values-aligned to execute your brand’s content strategy to perfection.

I’m Sophia Habl, a sustainability copywriter. I help earth-loving brands flourish.

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Photo of Sophia Habl - Sustainability CopywriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Sustainability Copywriter

Ok, but who are you…really?

Woah. Deep question there.

I founded Plant Copy with one intention: to empower sustainable businesses through impactful communications. As a long-time environmentalist, I’ve dedicated most of my life to living greenly and inspiring others to do so too. But I realised I wasn’t doing enough. My solution? Sustainability writing. Marrying my skills to your brand’s mission, well…that’s how big change happens.

Photo of Sophia Habl - Environmental WriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Environmental Writer

A nomadic environmental writer

My exposure to different cultures through travelling means I have a deep understanding of humans and what makes us ‘tick’. I’ve been caught up in countless fiery debates, discussing sustainability with people from all walks of life. I’ve witnessed people snap and transform their opinions because of powerful communication. Travelling truly is a boot camp in human psychology.

My Mission

To craft copy that breathes life into your vision.

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Photo of Sophia Habl - Sustainability CopywriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Sustainability Copywriter

Let’s shine a light on your mission!

This unique perspective allows me to bring massive value to your brand. As your sustainability copywriter, I’ll sweep your audience off their feet and ignite their desire to do good in the world. But no pushy sales tactics. Those make me squirm.

Let's join forces and bring your message to life.

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