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Sustainability copywriting for companies that care

You need to make an impact

Your brand is solving the world’s most pressing issues and your content needs to promote it proudly. But your marketing efforts are expected to make an impact quickly, which means you:

  • Juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities
  • Feel overwhelmed by content production demands
  • Struggle to deliver high-quality content consistently

Hey, if my to-do list was as long as yours, I’d feel overworked too. No wonder you’re not seeing the results you want. If you’re feeling lost in the sea of sustainable brands, I can help.

Level up your content

Your sustainable brand is more than just a product or service. It’s a mission and a promise to consumers who align with your values. You and I both know it. But does your audience?

Well, they’re bombarded with thousands of commercial messages every day, and they forget about most of them. Eeek. We don’t want them to forget about your brand’s world-changing offer. As your copywriter, I’ll craft your content so that it:

  • Cuts through the noise
  • Reflects your brand’s identity, values, and vision
  • Positions it as a thought leader
  • Empowers readers to support you

Let a sustainability copywriter take the reins 

Don’t let sloppy copy limit your brand’s growth. You know what I mean, right? Rushed, vague, and boring content that sounds nothing like your brand and what it stands for. I’m here to make sure it gets executed to perfection, that it empowers your audience and drives them to action. Your brand sees tangible results and you go back to doing what you do best: leading your team successfully.

Specifically, we can work on:

  • Email marketing
  • Website copy
  • SEO Blogging
  • Content strategy
  • Persona development
  • And more

Email Marketing

Connect with prospects, engage leads, and nurture customer loyalty

Email has a return on investment of $36 for every dollar spent. But to fully embrace its potential, you need excellent copy. I’ll write warm and compelling email sequences that capture the essence of your brand, promote its values, and communicate its world-changing mission. The result? An excited and engaged audience, ready to invest in your offer.

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SEO Blogging

Educate your audience, build credibility, and inspire action

Blog, and you’ll get more leads (up to 165% more , to be exact). My SEO blogging service offers well-researched, informative articles that educate readers and position your sustainable brand as an industry leader. Based on extensive keyword research and a carefully-curated content strategy, your blogs will consistently meet the evolving needs of your eco-concious audience.

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Website Copy

Impress prospects with powerful copy that looks, feels, and sounds like your brand

Your product can change the world. But does your web copy communicate that? With my website copywriting services, your mission will be crafted in a clear and compelling way. Drawing on in-depth persona, market, and keyword research, I make sure that it attracts your dream audience and converts interested visitors into happy customers.

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Hi! I’m Sophia.

Conscious consumer, fierce eco-warrior, and long-time environmentalist. I founded Plant Copy with one intention: to help sustainable businesses amplify their mission. Working exclusively with brands like yours means I’m lucky enough to support climate-conscious initiatives and use my skills as a force for good. My work helps your brand move forward, which means more people make sustainable decisions, and the planet wins.

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Kind things clients say

I enjoy working with Sophia, and I can't express enough how much I love her tone and attention to detail. She consistently exceeds my expectations.

If you're in need of a copywriter who not only delivers exceptional work but also values collaboration and creativity, I highly recommend Sophia. She is a true professional who goes above and beyond.

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Jamie Nix
Content Manager, Biome Makers