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Joanne Howarth, Founder&CEO, Planet ProtectorJoanne Howarth, Founder&CEO, Planet Protector

"She has elevated our corporate communications to a consistently high level"

Joanne HowarthFounder&CEO, Planet Protector

You need to make an impact

Your brand is solving the world’s most pressing issues and your content needs to promote it proudly. But you’re expected to make an impact quickly, which means you:

  • Juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Feel overwhelmed by content production
  • Struggle to deliver high-quality copy consistently
Photo of Sophia Habl - Sustainability CopywriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Sustainability Copywriter

Level up your content

Your brand offers more than just a product or service. It’s a commitment to businesses in the sustainable transition. And I want to help you stand out from the crowd! With me as your sustainability writer, your content will:

  • Cut through the noise
  • Reflect your values and vision
  • Build thought-leadership
  • Inspire readers to take action
Photo of Sophia Habl - Environmental WriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Environmental Writer

Let a sustainability copywriter take the reins

Don’t let sloppy copy limit your brand’s growth. I want to make sure your content is executed to perfection. Your brand sees tangible results and you go back to doing what you do best: leading your team successfully. Specifically, we can work on:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO blogs
  • Emails
  • Social media
  • And more!
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You need a content marketer

Let me look after all things content for your brand. Think articles, emails, and socials - and the best bit: a data-driven calendar crafted by moi. If you're looking to tick 'content manager' off your list, click below.

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You need a copywriter

Ready to nail down your corporate communications and blow the socks off your audience? Let's do it. Hire me as your right-hand woman so you can focus on what you do best: executing the content strategy to perfection.

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Photo of Sophia Habl - Sustainability CopywriterPhoto of Sophia Habl - Sustainability Copywriter

Hi! I’m Sophia, a freelance sustainability writer and content marketer.

Fierce eco-warrior, conscious consumer, and long-time environmentalist. Plant Copy was founded with one intention: to empower sustainable businesses through impactful communications. I want to ignite your audience's desire to do good, breathe life into your brand’s content, and unveil its mission to the world. Ultimately, what inspires me is this: my work helps you move forward, which means more businesses join the sustainable transition, and the planet wins.

About Me

Kind things clients say

"Sophia quickly immersed herself with the brand, and she wrote with the brand voice that we desired. The copy was engaging and well received. Sophia would be a great asset to your team!"

Susan ShieldsChief Marketing Officer, The ISH Food Company

"Sophia has extensive knowledge of sustainability and an incredible talent with words that enables her to effectively touch her audience through emotive writing. If you are time-poor like me and you need a copywriter who can craft your stories and communications, Sophia is second to none; I unreservedly give her my highest recommendation"

Joanne HowarthFounder&CEO, Planet Protector

“I’m so happy with it all. You did amazing. Your depth of understanding of the retreats and what we’re creating is incredible. I’m so grateful we got to do this together”

Victoria CraigFounder

"Sophia is very considered in her approach, laser-focused on the end reader and how the content will resonate with them and has an excellent turn-of-phrase. Overall, she nailed the brief and was very responsive, friendly and pleasant throughout. I would definitely work with Sophia again and can strongly recommend her services"

Henry DummettCo-Founder, Eden Sanctuary

"She has elevated our corporate communications to a consistently high level"

Joanne HowarthFounder&CEO, Planet Protector

“I enjoy working with Sophia, and I can't express enough how much I love her tone and attention to detail. Her range of services is impressive, and she delivers with a fast turnaround. She consistently exceeds my expectations. If you're in need of a copywriter who not only delivers exceptional work but also values collaboration and creativity, I highly recommend Sophia. She is a true professional who goes above and beyond”

Jamie NixContent Marketing Manager, Biome Makers

"Sophia is an integral part of our holistic content marketing system. She does a lovely job keeping the content consistent"

Aubrey WallaceCo-Founder, Dandelion Branding

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